With nine presentations at this year’s 26th annual ISOQOL Conference in San Diego, Modus Outcomes staked a prominent and distinct position in patient-centered outcome research using mixed methods. Our showcased studies included:

  • developing rare disease PROs in two different indications (Cleanthous S et al. Mixed methods psychometrics for the development of patient-centered outcome measures in rare diseases: the example of myasthenia gravis symptom PROs; Cleanthous S et al. Mixed methods psychometrics program for the development of a measure of fatigue in SLE)
  • building patient engagement in drug development (Kamunodi P et al. Building effective patient engagement in drug development: An example based on people with MS collaborating with a pharmaceutical company)
  • analyzing multinational clinical trial PRO endpoints (Regnault A et al. Clinical Outcome Assessment in a Multi Cultural Context: Measurement Challenges and Solutions (workshop))
  • measuring PROs on a single metric from childhood to adulthood (Regnault A et al. A single metric for Pediatric and Adult versions of patient reported outcome measures: illustration in haemophilia)
  • leveraging item libraries to create a modular measurement approach based on a legacy PRO (Regnault A et al. Creating customized patient-reported outcome measures for rare disease clinical trials: Application of the EORTC Item Library to hematological stem cell disorders)
  • PRO calibration studies to inform clinical trial design (Loubert A et al. Calibrating Rasch measures for assessing treatment effects in a clinical trial setting: Findings from a simulation study)
  • revisiting content validity of a widely used breast surgery PRO (Kaur M et al. Examining content validity of BREAST-Q a decade later to determine relevance and comprehensiveness.)
  • large scale PRO study of weight loss and body contouring (Poulsen L et al. Patient-reported outcomes in weight loss and body contouring surgery: the voice of 1831 patients using the BODY-Q)

If you would like to learn more about our innovative approach to mixed method research, please contact Andrea Murison to set up a meeting with our team.