FP 2016

Farrah Pompilus

Senior Research Scientist

Farrah Pompilus is a qualitative research scientist with nearly a decade of project management, qualitative interview, and analytic experience in the health outcomes field. As a Senior Research Scientist at Modus Outcomes, Farrah leads projects regarding the development of clinical outcome assessments, patient-reported outcome endpoint selection, and FDA and EMA briefing documents. She also conducts patient-centered qualitative interviews and analysis and literature reviews.
Through her years of experience in the field, Farrah has developed a customized approach for project management and implementation. Her background knowledge in numerous disease areas is an asset with conducting patient and clinician interviews and interacting with clients around their project needs.

Farrah received her Master’s degree in general psychology from the University of North Florida, and a doctorate in pharmaceutical economics and policy at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. For her dissertation, Farrah conducted mixed methods research in Haiti to examine the limitations around the access to pharmaceuticals for patients living in a region with critically unstable government and economic systems.