This month saw the XXII World Congress of the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO), a voluntary, non-governmental federation of 42 metrological organizations from all over the world. The conference was held in Belfast, UK and hosted by the Institute of Measurement and Control with support from the National Physical Laboratory. Its theme was ‘Knowledge Through Measurement’.

Excitingly for the first time, social scientists were invited to take part in a special, dedicated session. Chaired by Professor Mark Wilson and Dr William Fisher, the session included six talks with speakers from academia and industry, including Modus Outcomes’ Stefan Cano and Thomas Salzberger.

We at Modus Outcomes feel it’s important to establish links and collaborations with metrologists to move towards higher standards for measurement and ensure that the potential benefit of new therapies is evaluated accurately and fairly. We will continue building our relationship with IMEKO, and look forward to being part of the organizing committee for next year’s Joint Symposium (TC1, TC7, TC13, TC18) in St Petersburg, Russia.